5 Highest Literate States in India

The Government of India is vesting serious efforts for the expansion of education to all the states and territories across India. Government schemes like the “Saakshar Bharat Mission” were implemented to raise the overall literacy level to 80% of the population. More emphasis is being put on women, creating schemes to increase the enrolment  to pursue higher education. How successful have any of these been so far? While there aren’t any standard parameter to gauge the results, but the increase in literacy rates across the various states can be accounted for as a positive indicator of these schemes. Which states have the highest literacy rates?

 Let’s look at the top 5:


For over a decade now, Kerala has been the state with the highest literacy rate. At present, the literacy rate stands at 96.02% for males and a promising 91.98% for females as per the 2011 census. This state has not staggered its position from the top place in terms of literacy rate. The Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority, KSLMA is one such example that oversees the “literacy and continuing education”.


This state has shown a substantial improvement in its ranking from census 2001 to census 2011. It is now the second most literate state surpassing Mizoram.


This north eastern state has a literacy rate of 91.58% as per the census 2011. The male literacy stands at 93.72, and for a females, it is at 89.40.  However, Mizoram also is one of the least populous states with a population of nearly 1,091,014 people.


Talking about the efforts in increasing literacy rates, Tripura is one state that has excelled beyond expectations. It held the 13th rank for overall literacy as per census 2001 but now positions itself at the fourth position as per the census 2011. The male literacy rate in Tripura is at 92.18% and 83.15% for females.


The Konkan state has the highest GDP per capita and ranks at the top for being providing the best quality of living. It is the fourth smallest state in terms of population and has shown excellent literacy rates. The male literacy rates are 92.81% and 81.84% for females.

If you pay close attention to the figures representing  female literacy rates, they are exceptional, and on the rise as well. A higher literacy rate is a positive indicator of the developmental transition in India. Constant educational endeavours must be undertaken by state authorities to promote literacy rates.

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